Quick Tip: Grouping Layers

Quick Tip: Grouping Layers

Starting with Reverb, all of my action sets will have their layers grouped automatically so you can easily increase or decrease the intensity of any given Photoshop action by adjusting the opacity layer of the group.

Here’s a quicky Photoshop tutorial so you can apply this method to any Photoshop action.

Understanding Group Layer Opacity

Photoshop Tutorials: Grouping Layers

If you’re a little confused, click on the screencap to the left to see what I’m talking about.

By default, my Silent Movie action is a B&W conversion. Here, I’ve set the Group Layer Opacity to 50%. Now the intensity of the action is decreased and some of the color from the original photograph is starting to peek through.

This is especially helpful when you want to whisper, instead of scream.

The Shortcut

If you want to adjust a Photoshop action’s effect as a whole instead of tweaking individual layers, all you have to do is hit CTRL + ALT + A and then CTRL + G.

Going through the drop-down menu in Photoshop, you’ll first go to

Menu > Select > All Layers
and then simply click Menu > Layer > Group Layers.

After that you can simply adjust the Opacity slider to make an action less intense.

I hope you enjoyed this quicky Photoshop tutorial!