Photoshop Presets for Adobe Camera Raw

Photoshop Presets for Adobe Camera Raw

Wedding season is over, the holidays have come and gone, and it’s a brand new year. That can only mean one thing: I finally have time to work on Photoshop Presets and Actions again!

I’m pretty excited to finally release my first pack of Presets for Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), which will contain 18 presets as well as a small kit for making basic adjustments (adding more contrast, warmer White Balance, brighten exposure, fade, etc) with the click of a button.

If you’ve never used Photoshop Presets before, you’re going to love them! Unlike actions, presets are instantaneous, which means these will help save you even more time in the digital darkroom. No sitting back and waiting for the action to run its course — just one click and you’re done.

And while they’re designed to be used on RAW image files (.NEF or .CR2, for example), you can also use them on JPGs with slightly different results.

Below is a sampler for the main Photoshop Presets that will be available in the pack I’m designing. As I get closer to a release date I’ll pop back in for another sampler with different imagery. I’m hoping for a release by January 31st, but I’m banking on it being much sooner. :)

Photoshop Presets for Adobe Camera Raw - Nine Lives Actions - Sampler