Using Multiple Photoshop Actions

Using Multiple Photoshop Actions

Combining Photoshop actions is a great way to achieve unique effects and get extra bang for your buck. I design a lot of my Photoshop actions to work well together, and have found a few favorites that I almost always use.

To use two or more Photoshop actions, simply run the first action, flatten the image and then run the second action. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Here are some of my favorite combos:

Crema + Saffron

I’m always happy to recommend combinations from a single set, and both of these Photoshop actions are included in Chunfen.

Crema Saffron Photoshop Actions

Ommadon + Crema

Another combo from Chunfen, this creates a gritty monochrome image with a heavy brown toning. The final image has an antiquated look that I just love!

Ommadon Crema Monochrome Film Photoshop Actions

Carbon + Rosewater

Carbon is one of my go to B&W conversions, which you can get in Fauxtography. The bonus color tone actions from Solstice are awesome for laying over black-and-white images.

Carbon Rosewater Photoshop Actions

Panis Rahl + Kelp

… But that’s not to say the color tone actions in Solstice don’t work well with color photos! Panis Rahl delivers the muted tones while Kelp adds an extra lick of personality. I think this combination gives a very film-like feel, too.

Panis Rahl Kelp Photoshop Actions

Light Leaks + Vert

It’s no coincidence that you can buy Light Leak and Fauxtography in a bundle. This image was made with 3 random light leak actions plus Vert, with the tone + haze layer set to 20%.

Light Leak Film Photoshop Actions