I made a purchase. How do I get the actions?

Upon completion of payment, an email will be sent to the address associated with your Paypal account with a link to download the files. This link will expire after 48 hours, or after it has been used once, whichever comes first.

What version of Photoshop do your actions work with?

All action sets are compatible with PHOTOSHOP 7.0 AND UP unless otherwise noted. The Light Leak action set is only compatible with CS2 and up, for example. Please read each sets specifications before making a purchase. All sales are final.

Do these work on a Mac?

Yes, all actions and presets are compatible with both PC and Mac.

Do your actions work with Lightroom or Photoshop Elements?

Unfortunately at this time my actions are not compatible with Lightroom or Photoshop Elements. While I look forward to expanding into other programs in the future, I don’t have an exact time frame. I will definitely make an announcement once development begins for any sort of expansion into other photo editing programs.

When I load 9 Lives Actions, it says they're by Capt. Mouffette or K. Miller. What gives?

In the very beginning I was heavily active on Flickr, which is where I first learned about actions. My username on there was Capt. Mouffette, so I branded my actions under that name. Eventually I started using my own name, and now, 9 Lives Photoshop Actions exists as its own entity.

But don’t worry! They’re all the same awesome affordable actions.

Can I have a refund?

Due to the nature of digital products REFUNDS WILL NOT BE ISSUED. Please keep this in mind while making purchases! The only instance where refunds are issued is in the case of accidental double purchases.

My photos don't look as good when I run the actions. What gives?

Please bear in mind that these actions are intended for creative post-processing and stylizing of images only. In no way are these actions intended to correct a photograph that is under/overexposed, blown out, etc. Thus, the quality of the photograph you begin with will directly effect your results.

I get error messages when I run Light Leak actions. Actions with grain look bad. What gives?

As stated above, the quality of the photograph you begin with will directly effect your results. If you are getting error messages, or if an action simulates grain and looks bad, it’s most likely because your image size is too small.
A quick workaround I recommend to those experiencing this issue is to RESIZE YOUR IMAGE TO AT LEAST 2000 PIXELS WIDE run the action and then size the photo back down to its original size so you don’t lose image quality.

I really love your actions. Can I share them with my friends?

I appreciate your enthusiasm for my work, but please bear in mind that each purchase you make is for use by a single individual on a single computer. SHARING ACTIONS AND OTHER FILES INCLUDED IN YOUR PURCHASE IS CONSIDERED THEFT AND STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Thank you for understanding!

I can't afford them all. Can you make me a custom set?

Unfortunately I do not have the time to respond and package each request I get for this. So, out of fairness to everyone, I do not offer custom packs. However, I think you’ll find that my actions are extremely affordable in comparison to those sold by many other photographers / studios.