Nine Lives Photoshop Actions Goes Live

Nine Lives Photoshop Actions Goes Live

MiscAug 24 20120 Comment

If you’ve been here before, you might’ve noticed a couple of changes in the last month, like a new logo and URL. K. Miller Photoshop Actions has been rebranded as Nine Lives Photoshop Actions. But don’t worry! Everything else is exactly the same. All previous sets of Photoshop actions are still available, and more goodness is on the way.

Why the Rebrand?

It’s been a long time coming, and a number of reasons that led me to change the name. The most embarrassing reason is that my name is just SO boring! When I’m in Photoshop, I’m having fun — and I want this place to reflect that in every way. To me, “K. Miller Photoshop Actions” just felt so… Sterile! And generic!

I strive to be anything but generic for you guys, and hope you feel like I pull through on that end.

Deciding to go with “Nine Lives” was also a reference to the power of Photoshop Actions, and how they can often times breathe new life into a photograph. And since I’m a cat fanatic, I thought it was pretty appropriate. :)

Does This Mean New Photoshop Actions Are Coming?

Sort of. As a full-time photographer, summer is my busiest time of year. However, this fall/winter season I plan on hunkering down and really getting to work on projects that took the back burner when wedding season showed up. Within the next 6 months I look forward to releasing more Photoshop actions, presets for ACR and Lightroom, and hopefully a few other things here or there.

Until then… Enjoy the new site! Links to the old URL will redirect here, but by all means, update any bookmarks or links you have stashed away!